White papers

The client: Microsoft Canada, the Canadian subsidiary of Microsoft Corp., a global leader in software, services and solutions.

The need: With the shift to remote work in 2020, Microsoft Canada wanted to promote Teams – a platform enabling remote collaboration – for specific use cases. The goal of this project was to highlight the benefits of Teams for law enforcement and healthcare organizations, encouraging uptake.

The plan:

  • Develop two targeted white papers contextualizing Teams’ benefits for healthcare organizations and law enforcement. 
  • Outline the needs and challenges, then explain how Teams provides a solution. 
  • Provide real-world evidence to illustrate how law enforcement and healthcare organizations have been successfully using Teams.

The result:
✔  White papers describe Teams’ features and benefits in relation to healthcare organizations and law enforcement agencies

✔  Case studies explain how Teams works in real-world settings, and how its implementation has helped specific organizations

✔  To break up the flow of information, content is organized into sections and subsections; bullet points help readers quickly scan the copy.