Brand Messaging & Strategic Narrative 

Do you need:

Strategic Messaging

On-point messaging that conveys your brand’s unique value prop

Help defining your brand’s positioning, personality, or tone of voice

A strategic narrative that articulates your origin story and links it to your offering’s value

Answered “yes” to any of the above?
Let me solve your brand messaging dilemma.

I’ve created foundational messaging, crafted strategic narratives, and worked on new brand identities and brand makeovers.

As a messaging strategist, brand storyteller and marketing consultant, I have: 

✔ Crafted brand narratives that form the foundation for marketing messaging

✔ Named new products, services and programs

✔ Developed brand slogans and taglines

✔ Crafted foundational brand messaging

Positioning statements

Core brand benefits

Unique value propositions

How it works:

Phase 1: Research + Discovery

✔ We discuss your needs and goals for the project during an initial call

✔ I interview key stakeholders (team members and/or customers) as part of my fact-finding process

✔  I analyze your primary competitors to assess where you fit in the market and identify how you can differentiate your brand

Phase 2: Ideation + Creation

✔  I summarize my research findings and competitive analysis

✔  I develop a research-driven strategic narrative (in different lengths) and/or strategic messaging document that includes suggestions for slogans, taglines and other foundational messaging (the deliverables discussed in Phase 1)

Phase 3: Nip + Tuck

We hop on a call to review the strategic narrative and/or strategic messaging document

You get up to 2 rounds of revisions to make sure everything is just right

Your investment: Brand messaging and strategy projects start at $6,975.
I will develop a customized proposal based on the project scope and your specific needs.

Ready to kick off your brand messaging or strategic narrative project?

“We engaged Ms. Stein’s services to help us develop our communication strategy for a new area of our business.  Stacey’s unique ability to probe the right questions kept us focused, moved the project forward, and provided us with the results we were looking for, while making the entire process very enjoyable and effortless for us.  What impressed me the most about Stacey was her ability to fully grasp the complexity of our business and truly understand what it was that we needed. Stacey then used her considerable research skills to do a full market analysis of our competitive environment to provide us with the distinctive edge we were seeking. Working with Ms. Stein was a tremendously positive experience for us and we would not hesitate to employ her services again or recommend her to others.”

Hamid Sodeifi
VP Operations, Origo Communications