Brand messaging & web copywriting

The client: Constellation Financial Software, a B2B SaaS company that provides software solutions to the leasing and asset financing industry.

The need: Constellation Financial Software (CFS) needed help developing foundational brand messaging following a company name change and shift in direction. This project included creating new taglines, slogans, positioning statements, value statements, and other core brand messaging. CFS also wanted to revamp its website to reflect the company’s new brand personality and voice.

The plan:

  • Develop foundational brand messaging (taglines, slogans, positioning statements, etc) that telegraphs CFS’ unique value proposition and reflects the new company name and brand personality.
  • Craft new website copy using simple, accessible language to make CFS’ complex solutions easy to understand, while positioning CFS as a market leader.

The result:
New company tagline – “Financial software built for the way you do business” – encapsulates CFS’ main value proposition (i.e. customizable solutions)
Minimalistic but impactful web copy conveys CFS’ expertise and solutions
Landing page copy communicates CFS’ unique value proposition, experience and reach