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I’m a writer and communications specialist with an MBA

Journalism: I've written for a wide range of magazines, newspapers and websites, including The Globe and Mail, Today's Parent, Canadian Living, Reader's Digest, foodnetwork.ca and hgtv.ca, among others.

Marketing: I've written copy for websites, ads, direct mail, brochures, custom magazines, e-mail marketing and much more. I have developed marketing strategies and brand positioning statements, created and executed marketing plans and I have extensive experience with cause marketing and event marketing.

Corporate communications: I have conceived and produced content for company newsletters and other print and digital communication vehicles. I also have extensive experience with internal and external stakeholder communications.

What can I do for you?

I deliver engaging copy that makes people think and inspires audiences to take action

I write entertaining and thought-provoking articles for newspapers, magazines and websites

I create compelling content to help build your brand using both print and digital media

I develop marketing strategies to help define your offering, reach your target market and build market share


Let’s talk

Find out how I can help your business or engage your readership. But first, learn more about me, my services, and take a moment to peruse my portfolio.